The Age of Destiny

After a thousand years of war, the Empire created by Ravnivorous and the other Possessed can finally, legitimately claim their entire world. Though there are still a few small lands that hold their independence and, of course, entire tracts of land that no civilized person has trekked, let alone claimed, the fall of the Shan empire signaled the end of the last true resistance to Ravnivori rule.

A decade of peace has left the world and the Empire without focus or purpose. To people so familiar with war, peace is frightening. As Ravnivorous himself has said, “The moment an empire stops growing is the moment it starts dying.” Of course, the question became, what does an empire do once there is nowhere for it to grow?

Fortunately, before internal strife and civil war could tear apart what Ravnivorous had so carefully crafted, they discovered void running magic. This magic allowed Imperial forces to leave their home planet of Retra to explore the skies beyond. Much to their surprise and delight, the Imperial explorers discovered other worlds, worlds that possessed life of their own. The question that might have destroyed their empire now became moot. There was always somewhere new for them to grow to.

The lives of most people in the Empire continue as they always have. There are rich people and poor people, those who enjoy technology and comfort that their ancestors could not imagine and those who live just like their ancestors have for centuries. But for a lucky few, the void running ships carry them into the universe beyond their home world to carry the banner of their Empire to other worlds and bring them into the fold through politics, finance or war.

Ravnivori Empire