• Artani


    An average sized female troglyn with dull brown skin and bright green eyes. She is nondescript otherwise but has a dangerous grace about her. She has a pair of small horns sprouting from her forehead.
  • Dunbar Liggett

    Dunbar Liggett

    A massive Dracotaur with deep grey-blue scales and a paler, almost white underbelly. Several horns spring back from his head and spikes bedeck the tip of his tail. His golden eyes are fierce, but intelligent.
  • Ionia


    A fierce looking Amazon with sharp features and piercing eyes. She possesses an impressive grace and assurance that seems to fill the room
  • Karl Djordsen

    Karl Djordsen

    Tall, broad shouldered with long blonde hair and a shaggy beard and bright green eyes.
  • Kazucarn Gurk

    Kazucarn Gurk

    A massive minotaur with a potbelly, chestnut fur, and gold and gem encrusted horns
  • L'un Dihn

    L'un Dihn

    A petite Shan woman with large, deep black eyes and long flowing brown hair. She has a round, warm face and full lips.
  • Seshosep


    A massive Draga with four arms and a long tail. His skin and scales are a matte red with a black diamond pattern on his back. He has long, black hair. A row of spines springs from his spine and his tail ends in a bony projection.
  • Sokune Shenzen

    Sokune Shenzen

    A short, birdlike, elderly Shan woman with long black hair, streaked with silver.
  • Sokune Takio

    Sokune Takio

    A petite, Shan woman with an elegant face and short midnight black hair and almond shaped dark brown eyes. She moves with unconscious grace and athleticism.
  • Vangral


    A tall, slender but muscular Ravnivori elven man. He has flowing, golden blonde hair and dark blue eyes. His face is thin and sharp.