Character Creation

What follows are all the details specific to the Ravnivori Empire necessary to create a character.

A discussion of Archetypes common in the Ravnivori Empire and beyond.

The major Races native to the world of Retra and of importance to the Ravnivori Empire.

Along with races, the Cultures of the Ravnivori Empire influence a starting character’s abilities.

Knowledge Skills that can be selected by characters of the Ravnivori Empire.

When choosing skills, note that Boating is used to control a Void Runner on water (as well as sailing more mundane ships) while Piloting is used to control a Void Runner while it is flying or traveling through the void. However, either skill can be used in the other situation at a -2 penalty. For example, a person who never piloted a Void Runner but was an expert sailor could make a Boating check at -2 to pilot the ship, if necessary.

Hindrances unique to the Ravnivori Empire.

In addition to those found in the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Handbook and the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, the following Edges can be taken in the Ravnivori Empire.

Character Creation

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