Below are descriptions of the three different cultures that dominate Retra and the Ravnivori Empire and the effects they have on the game:

Ravnivori: Ravnivori are a very aggressive, straightforward race. They prefer to face their problems head on in both social situations and battle. No matter the species, Ravnivori are generally tall with broad shoulders and long legs. Their hair is generally straight or wavy and blond or red. Their eyes are usually a pale color such as blue or green. Most Ravnivori have pale skin though some are tanned from exposure to sun and others have a distinct red undertone. Because of the straightforward way in which they approach life, Ravnivori start with a free d4 in Fighting or Intimidation.

Almatians: Almatians are a very social, athletic people. They know how to make deals and influence people but also enjoy the visceral joy of measuring their skill in throwing a javelin or discus against someone else. Almatians are generally stout with powerful builds but only moderate height. Their hair is usually wavy or curly and auburn, brown or black in color. Their eyes are generally dark, ranging from green to brown but even being so dark as to be black. Their skin is similarly dark running the gamut from an olive tone to a deep brown. Because of their friendly nature and athletic prowess, Almatians start a free d4 in Persuasion or Throwing.

Shan: Shan revere learning and careful skill above all. They leave petty things like threats and crude weapons like axes to others, preferring to learn about their world and prove their superiority with more elegant weapons. Shan are generally relatively short with slender builds. They are often described as delicate and graceful. Their hair is almost invariably straight and dark, either deep brown or ranging to midnight black. Their eyes are likewise dark and usually have epicanthic folds. Their skin can be quite pale but usually has a golden or dusky tone. Because of their love of learning and focus on skill in combat, the Shan receive a free d4 in Shooting or any 1 Knowledge skill.

Vellian: Vellians come from a primitive society when compared to that of the native cultures of Retra. They work iron and bronze and craft impressive tools from stone, wood and bone but have not developed the art of blacksmithing. Nonetheless, they have a deep understanding of the natural world around them and have a warrior/hunter culture. Vellians are of average height though often more slender than Almatians. Their hair ranges from sandy blonde to dark brown and their eyes range from light blue to green to light brown. Their skin is generally tan or dark and often has a coppery sheen. Because o their warlike nature and close link with nature, Vellians receive a d4 in Fighting or Survival.

Yoltsov: The Yoltsov clan is a very small contingent of the Ravnivori Empire. However, their culture is completely independent of Retra and even the Ravnivori system and they are spreading, slowly. They are masters of Void Runners in all forms, knowing both how to create and fly the vehicles. Yoltsovs are approximately the same height as Shan dwarves but have proportions like Ravnivori dwarves. Their coloration is also more like Ravnivori dwarves and they almost invariably have eyes that are some shade of blue. Their hair is usually lighter even than the Ravnivori and range from white or silver to sandy blonde. As a Void Running culture, the Yoltsov gain a free d4 in Piloting or Knowledge (Void Runners.)


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