Background Edges

Advanced Saurian
Requirements: Novice, Saurian
Saurian eggs hatched near suns produce Saurians who are quicker both mentally and physically. Saurians with this Edge lose the Slow Footed Hindrance and are capable of achieving a Smarts of d12, though they must still spend two points to raise their Smarts at character generation.

Requirements: Novice
Your hero inherited an heirloom of considerable value, perhaps a family sword, ring, or a title to ancestral lands. The item should be exceptional and unique but not over powering to the campaign. You will need to work with your GM to come up with an item that fits the spirit of the campaign.

Disease immunity
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero is immune to all diseases.

Giant Kin
Requirements: Novice, Vigor D6, Strength d6, Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Minotaur or Troglyn
One of your ancestors was some sort of giant. Though your stature cannot match theirs, you are noticeably larger than others of your type. However, your bulk also interferes with your dexterity. You gain a +2 to your size (and toughness) and can carry 8 times your strength in pounds with no penalty rather than 5 times. Unfortunately, it takes two steps to raise your agility at character creation, though it can be increased as normal with later advances.

Night Vision
Requirements: Novice
At night or in low-light situations your hero is able to see as if it were dusk. Ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting conditions. This does not work in magical darkness or if they are blinded.

Unusual Heritage
Requirements: Novice
Over the centuries, the more powerful and exotic sentient species have had a fascination with humanoids. Whether through love or simple lust, faeries, dragons and otherworldly creatures have interbred with the more mundane races of the Empire. One of your ancestors is one of these strange creatures and you have inherited some special ability from them. You gain a single Novice level power and five power points to use on this power. These power points refresh at a rate of one per hour and cannot be augmented in any way. In addition, you gain immunity to poison or disease, a +2 to checks against environmental effects or a +4 to a specific type of environmental effect.

Combat Edges

Blind combat
Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+
No light? No problem. By using smell, sound, disturbances in the surrounding air, etc. you are one with the universe. In dim or dark conditions or when fighting an invisible foe the characters suffer no penalty. And in total darkness or if your character is blinded they only suffer a –1 to Fighting or Shooting rolls rather than the standard –4. Note that this edge does not allow you to see in the dark only to fight at a reduced penalty when your vision is impaired.

Gun Fu
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8, Fighting d8, Shooting d8
As long as you are armed with a loaded pistol and have a hand free, you may make 2 attacks per round with no multi-action or offhand penalty. One of these attacks must be an unarmed Fighting attack or grapple attempt and the other must be a shooting attack. This shooting attack can be against any target within range but, if it is directed towards a target within melee range, the TN is the target’s Parry rather than the standard ranged attack TN’s.

Improved Gun Fu
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d10, Fighting d10, Shooting d10, Gun Fu
As above but you can wield any one handed melee weapon rather than making an unarmed Fighting attack. Additionally, you can use any pistol or submachine gun for the Shooting attack.

One Foe At a Time
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
Henchmen, cultists, guards—for whatever reason, your hero never has to face more than one of them at a time in combat. Extras never bother to gang up on your character; instead they stand around looking for an opening and then attack in turn. Only one Extra can attack your hero per round. This edge has no effect on Wild Card opponents.

Rapid fire
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Shooting d8+
Your character can fire up to two arrows from a bow or hurl up to three daggers, knives or shuriken during a combat round. This skill must be purchased separately for each type of missile weapon. You still suffer the multi-action penalty.

Improved Rapid fire
Requirements: Veteran, Rapid fire
As above, except you no longer suffer the multi-action penalty. This skill must be purchased separately for each type of missile weapon.

Right Back at You
Requirements: Heroic, Agility d8+
The character is able to snatch non-magical missiles shot or thrown at them. If it is a shot missile (crossbow bolt, arrow) the character is able to deflect it with his own weapon or even barehanded. If the missile is thrown (hatchet, dagger) then the character can either deflect it or catch it and hurl it back, this is considered a free action which occurs at the same time as the attack. The character may only hurl back one weapon per round.

Sexy Armor
Requirements: Novice, Attractive
Your character can run around in a chain mail bikini, or bare-chested with just a loincloth, and will be immune to the elements and considered armored in chain mail (+2) for game purposes. Once they cover up, all bonuses are lost.

Improved Sexy Armor
Requirements: Seasoned, Sexy armor
As above, but the protection is equal to plate Armor (+3).

Talon of Kahwen
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8, Fighting d8, Knowledge (Religion) d8, Weapon of the Gods (Katar of Kahwen)
When wielding 2 Talons of Kahwen, you may gain both the parry bonus and attack capabilities of one of them. This allows you to make an attack with the weapon and get a +4 total parry bonus from the two weapons.

Improved Talon of Kahwen
Requirements: Veteran, Agility d10, Fighting d10, Knowledge (Religion) d10, Weapon of the Gods (Katar of Kahwen)
As above but you may use both Talons to attack and still receive their full parry bonus. Multiaction and off hand penalties apply as normal.

General Edges

Requirements: Novice
Maybe your hero saved a king’s life during a battle or maybe he wrote a ballad that is now considered a classic. Whatever the reason, your hero is famous. People know him or know of him. The average folk will look up to him with admiration, buy him a drink or a meal, and maybe even extend a bit of credit. The finer folk will want to be his friend, be seen with him, and invite him to banquets or weekends at the manor. A good Charisma score isn’t necessary, but it helps.

Just the Thing
Requirements: Novice, Luck, one benny per use
Wherever he is, no matter what the situation, by spending a benny, your hero can come up with “just the thing” to help him in his predicament. If the door is locked, your character just happens to have a lock-pick in his coin pouch. If he’s freezing in a snowstorm, he comes across a half eaten body, with a heavy winter coat and a backpack full of supplies. It’s the GM’s call on the specifics, the character may not get what he
wants, but he’ll get what he needs. To avoid abuse this Edge may only be used twice a day.

Combat Edges

Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d10+
A gunner who can take out enemy ships with a well aimed shot quickly grows in the admiration of his shipmates. It takes training and a good eye, and the Cannoneer has both. When dealing damage in ship combat, the character may modify his roll on the Critical Hit Table by 1 point either way, as he chooses. He does this after rolling the dice for a Critical Hit.

Requirements: Seasoned, Martial Arts, Fighting d8+
Martial artists or bare-knuckle fighters with this Edge know how to respond instantly to an enemy’s mistakes. Once per round, the character receives one free Fighting attack against one adjacent foe who failed a Fighting attack against him. This attack is made at –2. The Counterpunch must be a straight attack (no Disarm, Wild Attack, or other maneuvers) and may not be combined with Frenzy or Sweep. It may be used with the Defend maneuver (but not the Full Defense maneuver).

Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Novice
You never learned to fight like a “gentleman,” and use any trick in the book to win. Those with this Edge are particularly good at tricks, gaining a +2 to all Trick maneuver rolls.

Quite Filthy Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Dirty Fighter
The only fair fight is one you win. Tricks are second nature to you. Once per round, you may perform a trick in addition to one other regular action without invoking a multi-action penalty.

Flying Kick
Requirements: Veteran, Martial Arts, Fighting d8+
A flying kick is a running attack that begins with a leap, followed by the attack, and ends with the attacker running past his opponent, all in a single movement. If the hero moves at least 2” before making an attack against an adjacent opponent, he may kick and then withdraw from combat without his foe, or other adjacent opponents, receiving a free attack.

Improvisational Fighter
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
Heroes frequently find themselves in situations where they must fight using something not specifically designed for it—torches, broken bottles, parasols, or whatever else is at hand. A character with this Edge has practiced using such improvised weapons and does not suffer the usual –1 attack penalty when wielding them.

Martial Arts
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6+
Your hero is never considered unarmed in combat, and thereby not subject to the unarmed defender rule.

Improved Martial Arts
Requirements: Veteran, Martial Arts, Fighting d10+
Your character has truly mastered the fighting arts—either his body and his chi are one, or he’s as mean as a viper after a three-day binge. By standing still and concentrating, the hero subtracts 2 points of modifiers for a Called Shot on the next Fighting attack made with hands or feet. The character cannot move during the round this Edge is used.

Martial Arts Master
Requirements: Legendary, Improved Martial Arts, Fighting d12+
As Improved Martial Arts, but now the pugilist can subtract 4 points of modifiers for a Called Shot.

Requirements: Novice, Shooting d6+
Many heroes become highly proficient with Black powder firearms. Normally it takes 2 rounds to reload a black powder firearm, but a character with this Edge can do so with only 1 action.

Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+, Vigor d6+, Fighting d8+
Your hero has learned to make his punches count. When fighting unarmed, he inflicts Strength +d6 damage with his fists.

Leadership Edges

Cannon fodder
Requirements: Seasoned, Natural Leader, Persuasion d8+
Whenever your character needs help to storm a castle, evil temple, or other objective, all he has to do is go to a tavern, barracks, whorehouse, bathhouse, outhouse, etc., and recruit a bunch of guys to help him out (at least temporarily). The amount of guys is determined by your characters Charisma +1. Use the Charisma score as the amount of dice you roll and the characters Spirit trait as the die type. So if you have a charisma of 2 and a Spirit of D8 the roll would be 3d8. The length of service is as long as it takes to complete the objective. The quality of the troops is, of course, variable.

Possessed Edges

Requirements: Novice, Strength d8+
Your hero can spring forward his Pace without using his movement. If used as part of an attack he gains a +1 to his attack roll. This Edge only works one time per combat; the surprise is over once it’s used.

Poison Immunity
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Your character is immune to all poisons, even magical ones.

Power Edges

Requirements: Novice, Arcane background
A familiar is a small magical creature that is bonded to a spell caster and acts as his companion, messenger, scout, advisor, etc. The creature often takes the form of a common animal (housecat, owl, ferret, etc.) or it’s appearance may be more exotic (for instance, a bat-winged Imp or a tiny dragon). The creature is completely loyal to the spell caster and can communicate with him. The familiar is at least as intelligent as a normal human. Work with the GM to find a suitable familiar type for your character. Having a familiar gives your character 3 additional power points. If a familiar is dismissed or abused then it will go off somewhere and die. If a familiar dies then the spell caster can never summon another one. If the spell caster dies then the familiar will mourn his death, avenge him if it can, and then seek out another master to serve.

Professional Edges

Army Cavalryman
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6+, Shooting d4+, Riding d6+
As a combat cavalryman, you keep your seat in the saddle under trying circumstances and stay alert to your surroundings. You get a +2 to Riding and Notice rolls while mounted on any riding creature (the bonus does not apply to Riding rolls substituted for Fighting). You also receive a +2 on any Common Knowledge checks regarding the military.

Army Gunner
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d4+, Shooting d4+, Knowledge (Gunnery) d6+
You are trained to handle the largest weapons of war, even under less than optimal conditions. You get +2 to clear all jammed weapons that use the Gunnery skill. Additionally, when executing suppressive fire you receive +2 on the roll. If your suppressive fire result is a raise, Spirit rolls to recover from Shaken are made at –2. You roll Common Knowledge checks regarding the military at +2.

Army Infantryman
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d4+, Shooting d6+, Survival d4+
Keeping your head down and your eyes open is a lesson valuable to any field soldier. Your hero receives +2 to Stealth and Notice rolls in rural environments, as well as +2 on all military-related Common Knowledge checks.

Army Medical Orderly
Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Medicine) d4+, Healing d6+
A character with this Edge can get wounded soldiers up and fighting again in seconds. If the medic can get to a wounded non-Wild Card by the end of the round in which he was wounded, he can make an immediate Healing roll at –2. If the roll is successful, the victim is merely Shaken instead of wounded.

Army Low Ranking Officer
Requirements: Novice, Command, plus those of the Army Service (Infantryman, Cavalryman, Gunner, or Medical Orderly) of your choice
In addition to the Edge benefits for the branch of your choice, you are able to project your commanding presence farther than normal. Add +3” to your command radius.

Army High Ranking Officer
Requirements: Novice, Command, plus those of the Army Service (Infantryman or Cavalryman) of your choice.
In addition to the Edge benefits for the branch of your choice, you are a ranking officer who can fluently speak one additional language from the experience of a past command. You get +1 on Knowledge (Battle) rolls.

Requirements: Novice, Persuasion d8+, Notice d6, Charismatic
This edge represents your characters skill at successfully deceiving others. Where the thief uses his physical attributes to take what isn’t his, the Charlatan uses his charm and intellect to do the same. A Charlatan gains a +2 to Persuasion and Notice Skills.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Persuasion d6+, Notice d6+
You are a suave negotiator and quick to interpret clues from another’s body language.
You make Persuasion rolls at +2 in a formal setting. As well, you roll Notice at +2 to sense lies or whether a person is under duress.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Persuasion d6, Charismatic
Your character is skilled in the performing arts: singing, story telling, comedy, slight of hand, etc. They are also adept in speaking before a crowd. Their skills often supply the means to acquire a warm meal or a bed for the night when times are tough. Entertainers are often given access to area most folk wouldn’t be given (“It’s okay, I’m with the band”). Depending of their area of expertise entertainers get a +2 to any two of the following skills: Knowledge: Legends and Lore, Persuasion, Taunt, or Stealth.

Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Survival d6+, Tracking d4+, Shooting d4+, Swimming d4+
You are almost always able to find your way in the worst of predicaments and guide others along. You receive a +2 on Survival rolls, and can make a Smarts roll to deduce your current location without specific knowledge of the area. You also resist disease and fatigue better than most, adding +2 to your rolls to counter hazardous or harmful environmental effects.

Requirements: Novice, Smart d6, Streetwise d8
Your character knows how to network, and get through the system. “He knows people, who know people” and he is able to put them in touch with each other. Hiring an assassin, getting on the invitation list for the Dukes wedding reception, or arranging to smuggle in a small but profitable amount of “Blue Lotus” into the city, these are all tasks a fixer could handle. Characters with this Professional edge get TWO contacts each time they take the Connections edge. In addition those contacts have a situational +2 to their persuasion and streetwise rolls when dealing with them.

Gray Heart
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6, Streetwise d6
You are the Left Hand of the Emperor, the enforcement of his will. You have the power to arrest and punish any Imperial citizen who breaks the Emperor’s laws. Any Imperial citizen recognizes this power and defers to you, giving you a +2 to Charisma against them. Your extensive training also gives you a +2 to Investigation, Streetwise and Tracking rolls. You also gain a minor vow to uphold the laws of the Empire.

Master Thief
Requirements: Novice, Thief, Smarts d8+
You are an extremely clever thief, and know that it is best to have others do your dirty work. You start with a Thief henchman (Extra) and two Thug minions (Extras), who serve as extra muscle and act as you see fit. They also dutifully carry out monthly “jobs” that net you $1d6x50 per thug, plus $3d6x50 for the thief. If more than a single 1 is rolled on the monthly revenue dice, the smartest of the Extras must make a Smarts check. If the roll is failed, that criminal is arrested, executed, and lost. This retinue is not normally replaceable, but your GM may permit recruitment.

Requirements: Novice, Persuasion d8+, Knowledge (Business) d6+, Streetwise d4+
You are a natural salesperson. You add +2 to Persuasion rolls when negotiating, or brokering deals. You also have a nose for local markets, legal or otherwise, gaining +2 to Streetwise when attempting to acquire or sell anything.

Navy Captain
Requirements: Novice, Command, Boating d4+, Fighting d4+, Knowledge (Gunnery) d4+, Knowledge (Trimsman) d4+, Piloting d4+, Repair d4+, Swimming d4+, may not have the Airsick Hindrance
You are the Navy! You gain the Edge benefits for a Navy Petty Officer (see below). You also have a knack for judging distances. Reduce all range penalties by 1 (to a minimum of 1) for all ship weapons under your command.

Navy Ordinary Seaman
Requirements: Novice, Boating d4+, Fighting d4+, Knowledge (Gunnery) d4+, Repair d4+, Swimming d4+, may not have the Airsick Hindrance
You’ve seen enough of both the wet navy and aerial flyers to be useful on any ship. You gain +2 to Boating, Knowledge: Trimsman, and, while aboard a ship, Notice rolls. Common Knowledge rolls regarding the Navy or aerial ships are made at +2.

Navy Petty Officer
Requirements: Novice, Boating d4+, Fighting d4+, Knowledge (Gunnery) d4+, Knowledge
(Trimsman) d4+, Piloting d4+, Repair d4+, Swimming d4+, may not have the Airsick Hindrance
You’re sufficiently experienced to manage most any ship. You receive +2 on Boating, Knowledge: Trimsman, and, while aboard a ship, Notice rolls. In addition, you gain the
Command Edge when leading ordinary seamen, and all Common Knowledge rolls you make relating to navy or aerial ships are made at +2.

Professional Soldier
Requirements: Seasoned, Knowledge: Military training d6+, Vigor d6+ and either Fighting d6+ or Shooting d6+
Whether he’s a young hotshot captain, a grizzled color sergeant, or a battle hardened legionary, your character is a soldier’s soldier. National armies or legitimate mercenary units will give a character possessing this Edge a better chance at higher wage, command opportunities and advancement.
Additionally Characters with this edge gain a +2 situational modifier to their Fighting or Shooting skills when he fights alongside another Wildcard with this edge or he is part of, an organized force that has trained together. For game terms a “force” can be a unit as small as an 8 man squad of soldiers.
Example: Uriah has taken a job as the guard captain for a merchant caravan. During the journey Uriah drills with his 20 man guard contingent every evening. After several weeks on the road he has his men sharpened to a level that he’s comfortable with. During an attempted raid by some bandits, Uriah gains a +2 to his fighting skill while he and his men work as a unit to repulse the raiders with quick efficiency, each man knowing his battle station and possessing confidence in his fellow guardsmen.

Weapon of the 7
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Fighting, d8+, Knowledge (Religion) d6+
The militant arm of the 7 Lords of Thunder are men and women who are often not blessed with magical abilities. Instead, they are skilled warriors who have dedicated their lives to protecting the faithful of the 7 Lords.
A Weapon of the 7 gains a +1 to hit when wielding the favored weapon of their patron. In addition they get a +2 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects related to weather. Finally, the faithful have nothing but love and respect for Weapons of the 7 and they get a +2 Charisma bonus with any worshipper of any of the 7 Lords of Thunder.
The Weapons of the 7 for each Lord of Thunder go by titles based on their name and favored weapon as shown below:
Clenched Hand of Upi
Katar of Kahwen
Hammer of Grashk

Racial Edges

Combat Tail
Requirements: Novice, Draga, Naga
While the tails of most Draga and Naga are too slender at the tip to be effectively used as a weapon, a few are born with thicker appendages or even spikes or heavy knobs at the end that can be a threat. A Draga or Naga with this adaptation does Str + d6 damage with their tail and can strike with it at +1 Reach.

Enhanced Natural Armor

Requirements: Novice, Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn
Whether it be thicker scales, armored plates, tougher hide or simply shaggy, protective fur, your character has skin that is naturally resistant to damage. Your character gains a +2 bonus to natural armor. This is in addition to any natural armor the character already has.

Enhanced Natural Weapon

Requirements: Novice, Natural Weapon
Your character has larger horns, sharper claws or fangs or a tail with a heavy knob or spikes at the end. The damage of all your natural weapons increases by a die type. Minotaurs may take this edge only if they have the Large Horns edge and Naga may only take this edge if they have the Combat Tail edge.

Large Horns
Requirements: Novice, Minotaur
In many sectors of Imperial society, The larger a minotaur’s horns, the stronger, better and more virile he is assumed to be. A long horned minotaur is able to charm his way through many situations and garners respect from many individuals even before he has had a chance to earn it. They gain a +2 to Charisma when dealing with Imperial citizens, though members of other societies generally do not share the same prejudice. Additionally, these horns are large enough to be used as weapons, though their position makes it somewhat awkward if the minotaur is not charging. These natural weapons do Str + d6 in damage, but with a -1 to hit unless the minotaur is charging headfirst, in this case, he must move at least 4” and does an extra +4 damage if he hits.

Poison Bite
Requirements: Novice, Draga, Naga, Saurian, Troglyn
You have a pair of long, sharp fangs attached to venom sacks. When you bite an opponent, you can inject them with poison from these glands. Your bite only does Str + d4 damage but any victim that suffers a Shaken result must make a Vigor role or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.

Size Increase I
Requirements: Novice, Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn
Several of the species within the Empire have highly variable sizes that are within the normal range. Many of them also continue to grow over the years, even after they achieve maturity. Any Draga, Minotaur, Naga, Saurian or Troglyn that takes this edge is considered one size larger and gains the corresponding +1 toughness.

Size Increase II
Requirements: Seasoned, Draga, Naga, Saurian
Some members of certain species in the Empire grow truly huge as time goes on. Many of them continue to grow over the years, even after they achieve maturity. These titans can grow to be literally as big as a horse. Any Draga, Naga, or Saurian that takes this edge is considered one size larger and gains the corresponding +1 toughness.

Social Edges

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Persuasion d6+
Your character has an associate who travels with him and acts as his helpful counterpart. The associate is an Extra under your control (although the GM role-plays the Associate in social situations). Depending upon who your hero is, he might have a Servant, a Rich Civilian “master” (with income of $1500 per month) who is dim-witted enough to be talked into all manner of adventures, an Experienced Soldier bodyguard, or a Thief henchman. Other types of Associates are possible with the GM’s consent. Should your Associate perish or depart, you must recruit another through normal advancement (i.e., take the Edge again).

Requirements: Novice
Your character has a knack for innocuously blending into social situations. Whether at the Emperors banquet, the Beggars Guild meeting, or anyplace in between, he just fits right in without even trying.

Requirements: Seasoned
You understand and adapt quickly to local customs, and thus you are never considered an Outsider in any land.Outside of your native culture, when the GM rolls on the
NPC Reaction Table you may add +2 to the result. Among foreign cultures you also gain +2 on Persuasion rolls to parley with the locals, and improve their opinions of you and your allies.

Weird Edges

Liquid Courage
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Whether it’s a snifter of fine brandy or a shot of gin, alcohol has an amazing effect on you. Down at least 8 ounces of the stuff and you’re virtually unstoppable. The round after the character drinks at least 8 ounces of hard liquor (three times that in beer or twice that in wine), his Vigor increases by one die type (which also increases his Toughness), and he ignores one level of wound modifiers (which stacks with other abilities that ignore wound penalties). The effect lasts for one hour, and has no detrimental effects on brainpower, Agility, or other functions. If the character is looking to get drunk and does so, he retains the benefits above but suffers –2 to all Smarts and Agility-based rolls for as long as he continues to drink, and the next 1d6 hours thereafter.

Requirements: Novice, d10+ in any stat or skill
You are bonded to a spirit known as a Daemon. This entity keeps you young and healthy, as long as you pay its price. So long as you kill at least one sentient creature each year, you do not age. Additionally, you gain a +1 to Vigor rolls to resist diseases. You also gain a +1 to Charisma when dealing with members of the Ravnivori Empire. However, you get a -1 to Charisma when dealing with outsiders who are particularly opposed to demons, devils or spirits. Finally, you can always identify another Possessed if you can see them. Ki’Li’Lee and undead cannot take this Edge. Having the Possessed Edge is a requirement for taking the Arcane Background (Super Powers) Edge in the Ravnivori Empire.

Talk to Animals
Requirements: Novice, Beast master
Your character can talk with a species of animal. At the GM’s discretion he can either communicate with them using animal sounds or in his regular language (which is why this falls under a weird edge).

Improved Talk to Animal
Requirements: Novice, Talk to animals
Your character can talk with all animals.

Requirements: Novice
For up to three times a day, your character has the natural ability to assume the form of an animal, from as small as a house cat to as large as an elephant. One specific animal must be chosen. He gains all abilities of the animal but still retains his personality and memory. However, if your character remains in the form for more than an hour he runs the risk of going wild. That is, forgetting his human form and assuming beast form permanently. Make a Spirit roll at –1 per hour over the limit, cumulative. Failure means the hero is no longer human. The character can assume this form, as many times as he wishes. Each transformation taking no more than a few seconds, clothing, weapons, or other possessions are not subject to the change.

Requirements: Novice
Mindless undead are not uncommon in the Ravnivori Empire. Whether through curses or intentional rituals designed to raise useful soldiers and workers, skeletons and zombies roam the world of Retra, sometimes under the control of living creatures, sometimes wandering free. More sentient, but common undead such as vampires, mummies, ghouls and liches also exist. However, there are also more unique undead. Created through passionate curses, twisted rituals, or even simply passion that death cannot extinguish, there are individuals who have managed to live on even after their bodies have failed them. Generally, they defy categorization beyond being called “undead.” Undead characters gain a +2 to their toughness, a +2 to recover from Shaken, do not suffer from Disease or Poison and take no additional damage from called shots. These benefits do not come without a price, however. Invariably, people find it difficult to ignore what an undead character truly is and they gain the Outsider trait. Alternatively, their undead nature is easy to hide but they are somehow cursed by their death or rebirth. They must select a drawback from the Echoes of Death Also note that Neither Mechanids nor Ki’Li’Lee can be made undead.


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