Knowledge Skills

Knowledge: Etiquette
The social niceties of life are sometimes complex and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time could prove dangerous. This skill helps your character avoid a social faux pas.

Knowledge: Heraldry
This skill will allow your character not only to identify coat of arms from various noble families but also symbols from different religious orders, military units, and guilds. On a raise, he will be familiar with the heraldic device, its history and members.

Knowledge: Lore
Tales of gods, heroes, monsters and places of legend are known to your character. In every story or bit of folklore there is always a hint of truth and there is a chance that some bit of forgotten knowledge could be hidden in an old bedtime story.

Knowledge: Religion
Your character is versed in the various religious practices of his culture and has knowledge of the general principles and religious doctrines of foreign cultures. Needless to say this skill is a “must have” for any character intending to have a career as a Priest or other religious functionary.

Knowledge: Voidrunners
Your character understands the process for designing and building Voidrunner ships. This skill is required to build a Voidrunner or Voidrunner Engine and to modify Voidrunners. It also allows a character to identify most Voidrunners and estimate tonnage.

Knowledge Skills

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